[CYSS] – Selmanaires & Atlas Sound

12 10 2009
The Selmanaires

The Selmanaires

Thursday Oct. 15th The Selmanaires will be kicking off a twenty date tour withAtlas Sound that stretches from coast to coast as well as Canada.  Atlas Sound is the solo act of Deerhunter’s front-man Bradford Cox.

Having seen The Selmanaires several times and Deerhunter a bunch, this should should be pretty descent… especially since this is the start of the tour, they’re not road-weary yet, and they’re in their hometown…

Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound

Yet, despite all I just said – the price is $15 bucks…  Don’t get me wrong, the Earl is a great venue with reasonable drink prices, but really? $15?  Say you want, but to take a date – there’s $30 right there before you’ve started drinking.  Let’s say your date is cheap and you can get away with only buying PBR Tall boys.  You’re still shelling out $20 after tip.  Let’s say she’s a hipster or artsy, then she may want something a little classier or tastier, making the drink total more like $40.

If price isn’t an issue for you, then this is an easy “Yes”.

Where: The Earl
When: Thurs. Oct 15th




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27 02 2010

Atlas Sound did one of the best albums of last year! Awesome stuff!

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