[CYSS] Safe Word & Mr. Gnome

13 10 2009
Safe Word

Safe Word

Safe Word just popped up on my radar today. While their myspace page only has one demo posted (and the recording is god awful) it’s got potential and I’m willing to give them a chance live.

Helping make up your mind to go out to this show is Ohio-based Mr. Gnome. While I know you think Ohio sucks and there’s nothing good that can possibly come out of  Cleveland, Mr. Gnome has some very haunting vocals reminiscent of Ladytron, sans electro.

Mr. Gnome

Mr. Gnome

While I know what you’re thinking, Oct. 15th is The Selmanaires and Atlas Sound at the Earl, this show is 10  bucks cheaper. It’s also at the Drunken Unicorn – my favorite venue. It’s small, dirty, cheap, and awesome.  I’ve both rocked the panties off, and had the panties rocked off of me at this venue. If you’re looking for a cheaper Thursday night, this might be the show for you.

Where: The Drunken Unicorn

When: Thurs. Oct. 15th

Cost: $5




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