[CYSS] – Modern Skirts & The Judies on Halloween

27 10 2009

Saturday, October 31st at Smith’s Olde Bar, The Judies and Modern Skirts will be playing on the big stage.  Now I know what you’re thinking–it’s Halloween and you’re busy.  That’s probably the case for most people reading this, but for those of you who aren’t already committed, this is a show you need go to. In fact, if the only party you’ve got on your agenda is that guy from work that you’re kind of friends with but you’ve never hung out before – skip it and head to Smith’s.


The Judies

The Judies have a sound that is both unique and intriguing. Front man Warren Ullom has a voice that’s a blend between David Bowie, Brandon Flowers, and Kevin Barnes. Throwing in a blend of piano and hipster rock, they pull off a somewhat timeless sound.  That, and a dash of dramatic flair, is reason enough to see them live.


Modern Skirts

Taking the late spot is Modern Skirts.  This band is one of the biggest acts to come out of Athens in a long time.  Their sound continues to mature as the years go on and their performances get even better.  Smooth melodies and well written songs make them an instant favorite.  What started out more piano rock than anything has matured to a nice balance.  They are a must see.




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