[CYSS] – Recompas & Life at Sea at 529

9 11 2009

Every once in a while it’s nice to go out to a show and not see the exact same thing as you did the night/week before. Modern music can get a little repetitive at times so it’s nice to mix it up by listening to ambient experimental music… which in a live setting can be pretty entertaining / catastrophic.  For this week’s “concert you should see”, I recommend Recompas & Life at Sea playing at 529 on Fri. 11/12/09. If experimental ambient rock isn’t your thing then you can probably go back to watching porn… it’s okay – we don’t mind.



Recompas is an experimental ambient band(?) that likes to use half-wave rectifiers to make neat tones and sounds.  Apparently they previously used laptops on stage, and it looks like they traded those for radio shack parts and angry handy-js.  Some of the tracks they have up on their myspace site are fantastic and certainly moody.  It will be interesting to see how close the live performance is to the recorded work.


Life at Sea

Also up that night is Chicago-slash-Atlanta based  Life at Sea.  Apparently, they are a group of leaves that hang out on a branch… because that’s the only picture on their myspace page.  These guys are less experimental, more ambient, and way more Chris Isaak.  The songs they have up are moody and will probably go well with darker coloured liquor– bourbon perhaps.  This should be a nice ambient change to the typical rocker loud night.  Not sure what the cover charge is (BANDS – IF YOU’RE READING THIS, ALWAYS PUT PRICE ON THE POSTER. SO ANNOYING TRYING TO PLAN THE NIGHT WHEN YOU’RE POOR), but 529 is known for being a little pricey at times so I’d expect anywhere from an $8 – $10 cover.  Anymore than that and just go get a drink at a bar.




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